What comes next!

The two shots above are the original 'S' scale pilot model for Village Groceries which was never produced in 'S' scale. At the time the cut files were based 100% on the 'O' scale version. Changes have been made to the 2005 files and the revised 2012 version will have a number of key improvements over the earlier version pictured.

The most noticeable change will be the front overhang- something that makes the model capable now of having a vehicle under the awning. It will extend further out to provide greater depth and the pump island (not shown) will be partially shielded.

Don Tichy of The Tichy Train Group has confirmed he is ready to produce an 'S' scale version of a 'new' old style fuel pump (we had been talking about a 40s-50s style pump like the Tokheim 39 but I haven't seen what he has created)- which will be included in the kit, maybe even a pair. In the last week the cut files have been modified again- this time to take injection molded styrene windows from Tichy. They will come with pre-cut glazing too.

I am hoping this kit will be met with interest by the 'S' scale modeling community- I have decided on the production run- 20 to 25 initially- but I imagine a greater demand over time. I think this is a perfectly brilliant example of what makes 'S' scale so wonderful.