The "Perect Scale"?

At a recent national narrow gauge gathering I jokingly intoned the phrase "the perfect scale" and Charlie Getz, who overheard it, repeated it aloud as we both peered at a great looking 'S' scale diorama. Of course, the only perfect scale is the one you model. As a former 'N' scale devotee I thought 'N' was best- then. Now, ‘S’ scale seems perfect. It offers the significant advantage of being a 'bigger' scale like 'O' but without the mass. That said, ‘S’ scale struggles to attract manufacturers to its niche segment, and there are precious few stores that offer any product labeled 1:64.

Frankly, becoming an ‘S’ scale manufacturer was a function of timing and what seemed a good idea at the time. The kit designer whom I admire greatly is Roger Malinowski and he issued these 'S' scale versions of his 'O' scale products for several years-no longer though-and they were sold under the Banta Modelworks banner. Bill Banta decided to sell that line in 2010 and I became the buyer and a manufacturer in one step.

Being an 'S' scale manufacturer doesn't limit the possibility that other scales will be offered in the future. In the meantime I have a whole product line to release and I model in Maine Sn2 so I am very committed to 'S' scale. (I also have a very strong sense of just how outstanding Sn3 is as well). Of course, I would really like to be of service to the standard gauge 'S' community as well.