"The Shed” (Kit #1)- DCSM TS-S

"The Shed” 2011 Kit #1  DCSM TS-S 

Since I was learning the ropes in a new activity (manufacturing), starting small was its own reward . A small multipurpose structure called “The Shed” was the first release of DCSM- released for the National Narrow Gauge Convention in Hickory, North Carolina in September 2011. This structure was was remake of a kit of the same size and general appearance. However, this version is  100% new, from the patterns to the hi-res CD photos that accompany the instructions.

Although this kit is introduced as an 'S' scale kit, it was adopted equally well by  'O' scale modelers. Cleverly, it converts to 'O' scale with little effort by using a commercial 30" wide entrance (a version made by both Tichy Train Group and Grandt Line). My mentor, Roger Malinowski recently suggested an exploration of the 'O' scale version. There are currently (July 31, 2012) only 4 kits remaining from the original 50. I will do another run soon.