New for 2013

“Village Groceries” may be my favorite kit the RLM Original line. It is something of an icon too, as it made the cover of the “Gazette” years ago as a scratch built model by Mic Greenberg; also it appeared as a drawing in MR. This will be the first production of the 'S' scale version (done in 'O' by SCD and 'HO' by Ed Fulasz, which is now at RailroadKITS).

Click on the side menu item "What comes next" for an early snapshot of the 'S' version pilot model done years ago. In the meantime Oakville, Ontario resident Jim Thomas displayed a built SCD 'O' kit at the April 2012 Schomberg Ontario Narrow Gauge Show. Just for the record, Jim added many details that didn’t come with the original kit, so this is to show what can be done. Beautiful work, Jim and thanks to Larry MacDonald for the use of his photo!

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Yet more to come...

Now I can reveal that even more is on the way from the former Banta Modelworks kits that were the creation of Roger Malinowski. Two kits that are both medium size industrial structures called "Grandview" and "Light Industrial" are both ready for manufacture. These are buildings that are location neutral- which is they fit East or West, US or Canada. Updating refers to CAD files being modified by Roger and I am set to cast the extensive Hydrocal wall sections as the MASL lumber order is placed. Schomberg Scale Models will be producing new 'S' scale detail parts for funky rook vents and other items. Christopher is working on the patters and will start resin casting soon. As soon as I have something to show I will post the post of my pilot model builds. (Take a boo at Stoney Creek Designs site for the kit history if you want a reminder.)


Stoney Creek Designs has a great line of modest structures that are called Crossroads. Roger and I have begun exploring the idea of 1:64 versions being produced under license (doesn't that makes it sound really formal;-). The kit called Laundry will hopefully be the first of a string of well priced and interesting structures in 'S'.


One other kit is in the offing- but it will likely take a year before I am ready to produce it: Acme Dynamite. What makes this kit special is that it too (like Village Groceries) was not produced during the Banta Modelworks ownership. It is somewhat imposing and ready to be re-purposed by the modeler. It is clad in galvanized sheet and it a prime target for modelers who love to weather structures. More news to come in the future.