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Greeting and welcome to the DC Scale Models' web site. My name is Doug Currie, and this site is intended as my primary way to keep you up on progress at DCSM and it has been a while since I have done that. My apologies for the long silence.

The planned releases are structure kits that originated with Stoney Creek Designs (Roger Malinowski) and were for a time sold through Banta Modelworks. . The kit offerings are 1:64 scale- or, 'S' scale. Originally these kits mirrored the O scale kits offered by SCD and found their way to many quality layouts and the pages of The Gazette. Believing there was still a market for these kits, DC Scale Models purchased the rights, CAD files and masters (plus the few remaining dusty pilot models there were) late in 2010. The first kit reached market at the NNGC in 2011.

So what is the point is re-marketing products that have already been sold through and presumably all demand met already? Good question. Here is my response:

This is not a re-selling exercise as such. It is an upgrading and re-branding (now the "RLM Original" line) of kits that received modest exposure in the first place, to a small and independent S scale market. Over the years the kit 'industry' has seen changes in techniques and materials so there is room for improvement in the kits. Moreover, 2 of the designs never made it to market: Village Grocery (the 2013 release) and Acme Dynamite. Last and most important, Roger is still involved and he has made CAD changes stating "I would never do it that way today".

Yes, there are challenges. The S scale market is precariously small and its adherents are not loudly clamoring for new product. My guess is that S scale fans would be more audible and demanding were more attention paid to them by manufacturers and the modeling press. DCSM is my stake-hold in that belief. There is no doubt however, in general, S scale is vastly underrated and under-subscribed given its possibilities. Only 37% larger than HO, it offers the same detailing opportunity as O scale.

DC Scale Models salutes my fine friend and mentor Roger Malinowski who made a commitment to work with me so long as I committed to learning the many tasks of being a manufacturer and has had to find patience when needed. 2013 will be the year that reveals all- all there is to show. Indeed, speaking of shows, there will be one only this year- not attending the second in a row west coast NNGC- and that is the fall EXPO 2013 (http://modelrailroadexpo.com/). Roger and I will share tables at this fun event and we hope to see you there.

Thanks for viewing and email me when you wish...

Doug Currie


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